America's Greenest Home Service Company

America’s Greenest Home Service Company

Austin Gutter King is committed to preserving our environment and America’s natural resources. Towards these ends, the company has implemented a number of “green” initiatives that make us America’s Greenest Home Services Provider. Our team feels that these initiatives align our company with the values of Austin and that they make good business sense. Details follow:

Green Electricity

Austin Gutter King purchases wind-generated electricity from Austin Energy to power our facilities. While the cost is double that of energy produced by fossil fuels, we value the absence of a carbon footprint that wind energy provides. See our certification below.


Green Fuel for Our Fleet

Four of our seventeen vehicles currently are powered by propane. Propane emissions are lower than gasoline or diesel, depending upon which emitted gas is measured. Also, propane-fueled vehicles require oil changes with much lower frequency than conventional vehicles. Thus we have lowered our oil consumption by 1.5 gallons per vehicle per year. By 2016, our entire service fleet will be powered by propane. While propane is a bit more expensive than diesel and gasoline, its environmental benefits are in alignment with the values of Austin and our team members. Additionally, because the propane that we purchase is sourced in Texas, our program strengthens the local economy and reduces America’s dependence on foreign energy sources. A description of our vehicles can be found See photos of our vehicles below.



AGK recycles 6 tons of cardboard and 8 tons of aluminum and steel per year. In fact, we have reduced our weekly trash disposal from 8 yards to 2 yards. And this reduction came at a time that sales doubled. We have the lowest disposal yardage to sales volume ratio in our industry. See a photo of our tiny dumpster below.

Rain Water Car Wash

With a fleet of 17 vehicles, we utilize quite a bit of water keeping them clean. In an effort to lower our impact on Central Texas’ diminishing water supplies, AGK installed a car wash that uses rain water collected from our roof. This car wash saves Austin 50,000 gallons of water per year. See photos of our rain water car wash below.