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Gutter Profiles

OGEE (K-Style)


Available in 5", 6", & 7"

The OGEE profile is the most common profile in central Texas, making it easy for us to match existing gutters on a house.

Austin Gutter King is the ONLY company that offers 7" OGEE

Straight Face


Available in 5", 6", & 7"

Straight Face is an affordable alternative to the traditional OGEE style gutter.  Also seamless, we hand-cut the miters and end caps.  The straight line profile imitates a traditional fascia trim, offering a very clean aesthetic.


Austin Gutter King is the ONLY company that offers 7" Straight Face 



Available in 6" seamless or 8" sectional.

Half Round Gutters are common on Arts & Craft style houses, modern homes, and have a variety of options.  Choose to add external hangers or have them done in copper or galvalume for a unique look.  



Available in 6"

Quarter Round is our custom alternative to half round when we require large capacities.  Perfect for large roofs and fascias with barrel tile that might overwhelm a traditional gutter. 


Quarter Round is a unique item, only available from Austin Gutter King. 

Seamless Box Gutter

6" seamless

Our seamless box gutter machine means you get the style of gorgeous box gutters, common on modern or commercial designs, but the peace of mind of a seamless gutter.  Combine these with smooth box downspouts or round downspouts for a sharp look! 

Custom Box 

Custom made to your specifications.

Custom box gutters can be hand-made in our shop.  These are perfect for customers who want a specific width or depth, shape, or look.  We can produce this with a lip or without a lip.  


Austin Gutter King

- 15-year installation warranty
- Exclusive styles
- Fully insured
- Low-maintenance guards available
- Veteran owned and operated

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