How Gutter Guards Work

Why Install Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are products that solve the reason for the season’s name – “Fall”. Aside from the soaring temperatures, this is the time of year when beautiful fall foliage congregates into a rotted rooftop disaster, clogging gutters from coast to coast.

Gutter guards, (aka gutter screens, gutter helmets, or gutter covers) are installed over the tops of your gutters to keep leaves, small branches, and other debris out while also allowing water to drain adequately away from your house. In the long term, these guards should save you time and money by lowering maintenance costs or, worse, the cost of significant home repairs. Many homeowners discover too late that clogged gutters can lead to serious, costly problems with their property.

Consider a lovely autumn day. Crisp, clean air; large, gorgeous leaves changing colors and falling to the ground; a pleasant fall breeze picking up and scattering these leaves throughout the city. What one thing did you most likely leave out of this dreamlike situation? The mayhem that all these leaves will cause when they fill up your gutters.

Clogged gutters are more than just a nuisance to clean; they can also cause costly damage to your home, among other things. Here are some of the benefits of installing gutter guards.

First and foremost, safety.

While it may appear to be a cliched slogan, it’s a true one. Every day, over 2,100 ladder-related injuries occur, with over 326 deaths occurring each year.

Cleaning gutters is more than just an annoyance; it also puts your safety and health at risk. People who own two-story homes are at a higher risk.

We don’t want you to be another statistic at Gutter Logic. Installing top-tier gutter guards like GutterGlove Pro eliminates any need for gutter cleaning, allowing you to put the ladder back in the garage where it belongs.

Preventing Property Damage

Clogged gutters have the potential to cause significant damage to your home. They carry water away from your home’s foundation and prevent basement flooding and structure shifting when they flow properly.

Clogged gutters likely have not functioned well for months, and most people don’t clean their gutters until they notice the problem. During this time, rather than water flowing safely down the downspouts, it has overflowed the gutter and likely caused your fascia to absorb and hold water.  The extensive fascia repairs that are the result are often costly and destructive to the home.

the overflow can also cause water to pool in the wrong spots, requiring costly foundation repair. Gutter guards keep your gutters clean and clear, so you can be confident that they are diverting water away from your home as intended.

Safeguard Your Landscaping and Hardscaping

A faulty drainage system can harm not only your home but also your lawn, driveway, and passageways. Overflowing water can wash away your mulch and harm your flowers, trees, and shrubs; curiously, clogs can cause plants to grow in the gutters! Excess water can cause mosquito breeding grounds as well as ditches in your lawn or cracks and holes in concrete or asphalt.

Installing gutter guards will ensure that these issues are a thing of the past.

Keep Your Roof Safe

Stagnant water on a roof can increase the load carried by the roof. If you live in an area where it freezes during the cold season and ice dams form, the risk to your roof is increased. Overflowing gutters also allow water to flow under the eaves and penetrate your roof, potentially causing leaks.

Gutter guards extend the life of your roof and keep water from leaking into your home.

These gutter guards also reduce the need for maintenance and time spent on a ladder. They have an innovative dome shape that allows large debris to slide right off your system, allowing your gutters to run free and clear.

Make Your Gutter System Last Longer

A poor drainage system can end up costing you more money in the long run. When your gutters are clogged, debris and leaves can add weight to them, causing them to sag. Low-quality systems can cause damage to your existing gutters and last only a few months.

GutterGlove Pro gutter guards can keep clogs at bay while also strengthening and protecting your entire drainage system for years to come.

Excellent Return on Investment

Gutter guards are an excellent way to increase the value of your home. It eliminates the need for routine cleaning and maintenance while also protecting your home from costly damages caused by improper gutter care.

Furthermore, as gutter guards gain popularity, they will most likely become a standard feature in most homes. By installing them, you can increase the value of your home and attract more buyers who want to avoid home improvement projects.