Using Rain Chains in the Garden as Downspouts

Modern downspouts are designed to blend into the color and style of your home’s exterior. They are thought of as a functional necessity to guide rainwater diverted through the home’s gutter systems and sent into drainage areas. Rainchains are a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional downspouts, and add to the style and décor of your home’s exterior while serving the same purpose as modern downspouts.

Gardeners in Japan and throughout Asia have been using decorative rain chains to direct and pool rainwater for hundreds of years. Collected rainwater is then used in the home for cleaning, cooking, and drinking. Traditional rain chains, known as “kusari doi” in Japanese, were made of metal cups that would be hung in a vertical line. Holes would allow rainwater to drip down from one cup to another until it lands in a collection basin.

Recycle Rainwater Through Decorative Rain chains

Rain chains now come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs, and accessories. Rainwater that runs through these decorative vessels can either be collected, left to run into the ground, or guided directly onto shrubbery and other plants. Gardeners regularly collect rainwater that runs through rain chains in basins and barrels or has water directed to a pond or birdbath.

Rain chains are typically lightweight and can easily be hung on the edge of gutters. A hole at the end of the gutter will allow water to trickle down the rain chain to the final destination. Designs are often created to maximize the mesmerizing audio and visual presentation of water flowing down through the rain chain.

Reasons Rain chains Have Gained Popularity

Rain chains have stood the test of time and are used as they have been for centuries. Some reasons gardeners and homeowners still love to use rain chains for diverting rainwater include:

  1. Adds decorative design element to your home’s exterior
  2. Simple to install and maintain
  3. Surprisingly reasonably priced
  4. Less likely to get clogged
  5. Rainwater makes beautiful music
  6. Durable and long-lasting
  7. Can also be used for decorations
  8. Ideal in tight spots with no good location for a downspout
  9. Useful for collecting rainwater for vegetable gardens, flowers, or livestock

Why Choose Austin Gutter King?

Austin Gutter King has a wide range of rain chains available that will improve your home’s look and provide an attractive way to guide your rainwater away from your home. Rain chains are just one element of the gutter system in your home that helps move along rainwater to keep it away from getting into your roof and exterior walls. Austin Gutter King features an extensively trained team of technicians with years of experience installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial gutters.

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